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You are a prisoner trapped in the lower level of a submarine where the lower class are surviving against an oppressive higher class.

Listen to the voices in your head  guiding you to salvation, follow their instructions and escape through a dystopic steampunk environment.

At the end of the day, the mask will fall. Will it be yours or the one of this autocratic society ? 

In our game you will embark on a submarine that travel into the depths of the sevens seas. The submarine is divided between the higher society and the "rats" that are wearing different masks defining their social classes.

Escape a distopian society by exploring your environment, intrude an higher social cast and reach your liberty by listening to your inner voices. 

-Explore the submarine to find a way out
-Let yourself be guided by your inner voices 
-Intrude an higher social casts by becoming one of them

  • -Explore the submarine 
  • -Listen to your inner voices 
  • -Reach the correct places 
  • -Find a way out 
  • -Reach your liberty 


Your goal is to make sure that no one will recognize you. Explore the two submarine stages in order to find how to intrude the higher class. Hurry, 


Through our game we want to make you live an original experience 
by making you feel angry and unconfortable. We want to tell a story about
mental distress and rage against the oppressors.

Producer: Eliott Tirant

Game Designers: Paul Nogal, Clément Tisserand, Aymeric Mullot, Zoé Wingardin

Game Artists: Lucien Delmas, Lylian Louat

Game Developers: Cédric Chauvin, Matthieu Manuellan 

Sound Designer: Clément Agogué

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D, Experimental, Exploration, Narrative


TheyWillFall.zip 346 MB


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A neat little exploration game! Had some issues with controls and the key bindings and then trouble progressing the story but that was my fault cause i'm an idiot haha! Cool game though, well done! :) Game play starts at 4:16 if interested :)


Hey RobsonRages ! :) 

Thank you for playing our game. It's crazy to see our work on youtube.

Sorry for the controls we are a french team used to play with Z,Q,S,D instead for W,A,S,D. We made our game in one week and we tried to focus on the experience instead of the accessibility.

If you're interested we have released a new version of our game that fix some of the bugs you've encountered. Thanks again for your video it means a lot to us ! =D

Ahhh that makes sense! The game was still fun to play, it was unique. I could see there being more to the game including potentially implementing the use of Vype and making it a requirement to survive? It gives me vibes of 'We Happy Few' as you try to break into the higher class, great work! :D I'll check out the update at some point :)